Month: December 2016

Low Temperature Solder Joint Encapsulant: SMT 138

Low Temperature Solder Joint Encapsulant: SMT 138 (Albany, NY). YINCAE is pleased to announce the release and availability of SMT 138! It is an extension of our innovative solder joint encapsulant product line. YINCAE’s SMT 138 has been designed for CSP, BGA, LGA, POP, and Flip-chip applications. SMT 138 offers a replacement from current tin bismuth solder options for use in low temperature soldering applications. This product can enhance solder joint reliability and create a joint that is five to ten times stronger than traditional solder joints. SMT 138 has the added benefit of low temperature curing, for applications which contains sensitive components.Though YINCAE’s 255/266 series products offer many of the same benefits, SMT 138 is the first product specifically designed to offer a better alternative to tin bismuth solder. YINCAE’s SMT 138 eliminates the need for flux, underfilling, and cleaning. SMT 138 is the first product to combine the benefits of solder joint encapsulants and offer curing at 138 °C.

PRESS RELEASE: IPC APEX EXPO is 2 months away.




VISIT YINCAE Booth # 823 Located in the NORTH HALL


(Albany, NY) 12/07/2016 –  IPC APEX EXPO 2 months away! The tradeshow will take place at San Diego Convention Center, in San Diego, CA., February 14-16, 2017. YINCAE hopes you will stop by our booth, which is in the North Hall, to learn more about YINCAE and the innovative products we have to offer.


YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC hopes that you will join us at the conference to learn about YINCAE and the products that we have to offer. YINCAE has exclusive products that no other company has developed. YINCAE hopes to see you there at the conference. Please visit us at our booth # 823 (North Hall)!


If you wish to visit the official website of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC, please visit us by clicking the following link: YINCAE Website.


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Founded in 2005 & headquartered in Albany, New York, YINCAE Advanced Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance coatings, adhesives and electronic materials used in the microchip & optoelectronic devices. YINCAE products provide new technologies to support manufacturing processes from wafer level, to package level, to board level and final devices while facilitating smarter and faster production and supporting green initiatives.


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Challenges of Miniaturization: Thermal Management

The semiconductor industry works continuously on making devices following Moore’s Law, which states that the density of components will double every two years. This miniaturization has caused devices to become less effective at dealing with heat. Traditional methods are no longer viable as they are incapable of providing the necessary heat transfer.  YINCAE has developed thermal management products that can solve this issue.


Die Attach

Potential Solution Methods: Isolate certain devices from heat sources, improve heat transfer on thermally sensitive devices

YINCAE Solution: High thermally conductive and insulating die attach adhesives which also allow for a high strength adhesion, high reliability performance, and provides mechanical resistance.


DA90: Silver filled, thermally conductive, low temperature die attach adhesive

DA150: Silver filled, thermally conductive, high temperature die attach adhesive

DA90L: Highly thixotropic, low temperature insulating die attach adhesive

DA150LE: Thermosetting, high temperature insulating die attach adhesive


Thermal Interfaces


Potential Solution Method: Replace traditional conductive adhesives (Silver paste, SAC solder, and preform) with a material offering higher thermal conductivity

YINCAE Solution: Highly conductive solderable conduction adhesives along with reactive thermal greases can replace traditional products and lead to improved thermal dissipation, easier handling, and improved reliability.


TM150E: Solderable conductive adhesive

TGP110:  High thermally conductive grease, no additional curing step required


Package Level Solutions

Potential Solution Method: Offer underfill materials which provide high heat dissipation

YINCAE Solution: Develop thermally conductive underfills which maintain current underfill properties including capillary flow, rapid flow, and are easy to rework.


SMT 158D: Diamond filled capillary flow underfill (TC > 5W/mK)

SMT 158A: Highly thermal conductive capillary flow underfill (TC ≈ 1 W/mK)

SMT 158FB7: Highly thermal conductive capillary and no flow underfill (TC = 2 W/mK)