Month: May 2017

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SMT 138 Dispense Test

Example of consistent dispense flow of YINCAE material: SMT 138

SMT 138 series include: SMT 138E, SMT 138P, and SMT 138T

SMT 138 series solderable conductive adhesives are rapid cure, self-leveling and self-soldering adhesives, which have been designed for low temperature (138◦C) Pb-free applications. By comparison with conductive adhesives (Ag), SMT 138 series solderable adhesives have higher stable electrical and thermal conductivity, outstanding reliability, and easily rework. By comparison with soldering materials, SMT 138 series solderable adhesives eliminate the out gassing from soldering process, flux residue issue and soldering bleed. During the reflow process, Solder joint encapsulant adhesives removes metal oxide and encapsulates individual solder joints with enhancing solder joint to eliminate some drawbacks of underfilling (large CTE above Tg, trouble process control). The performance of drop test has been improved by two orders of magnitude compared with that with the use of solder paste. The polymer network can be removed using methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or heating.