Low Temperature Reflowable Underfill Material: SMT 160L

Press Release

Low Temperature Reflowable Underfill Material: SMT 160L

(Albany, NY) 1/3/2018 – YINCAE Advanced Materials has recently developed a low temperature curable reflowable (no flow) underfill: SMT 160L. This product is designed to eliminate capillary underfills, simplify the assembly process, combine soldering and underfilling in SMT processes, increase throughput, and reduce costs.

Reflowable underfills are dispensed or printed onto the board before component placement occurs. The design of these materials allow it to stay in place and not flow away from the designated areas, allowing component placement to occur in a subsequent step.

YINCAE offers a low temperature curable unfilled reflowable underfill material: SMT 160L. This underfill provides high reliability, has a built-in flux function, cures at 140 – 170°C, and can eliminate voids. This material has also been designed to be applied through dipping, dispense, or printing methods, giving the design engineer greater flexibility.

For more information on YINCAE’s reflowable underfill: SMT 160L, or to learn more about what YINCAE offers, please email us at: info@yincae.com. You can also find more information by visiting our website at: http://www.yincae.com

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Founded in 2005 & headquartered in Albany, New York, YINCAE Advanced Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance coatings, adhesives and electronic materials used in the microchip & optoelectronic devices. YINCAE products provide new technologies to support manufacturing processes from wafer level, to package level, to board level and final devices while facilitating smarter and faster production and supporting green initiatives.
The YINCAE brand name and logo are trademarks of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.


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