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Need Enhanced Reliability with Coating Materials?

YINCAE ACP 120 Anti-Oxidation Solderable Coating


ACP 120 series are an anti-oxidation solderable coatings, which have been designed for anti-corrosion and rusting for metal surfaces such as nickel, steel, aluminum and other metals; solderable surfaces on which solder paste, solder preform or solder ball can be soldered. ACP 120 can be applied using dipping, immersion or spray method. After a metal is coated with ACP 120 solution, the coated metal surface can be dried at room temperature. The dried coating can be easily reworked using methylethyl ketone to remove, and the cleaned surface can be re-coated using ACP 120.


PRESS RELEASE: New Product Announcement 

(Albany, NY) January 24, 2017 – BP 256 is YINCAE’s new ball attach adhesive product. BP 256 has been designed to enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate cleaning processes for LEAD-FREE ball bumping procedures on CSP, BGA, Flip chip, and PoP devices. It is compatible with current ball bumping processes. BP 256 is generally applied via printing or pin transfer methods and can replace traditional solder paste, flux, and underfill. During reflow, BP 256 encapsulates individual solder joints improving both reliability and drop test performance. This product also has the benefit of being 100% reworkable. BP 256 is commercially available, is currently being used for ball bumping applications. Additional information on the BP 256 is available by contacting YINCAE at If you wish to visit the official website of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC, please visit us by clicking the following link: YINCAE Website.

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